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As a victim of addiction, the most significant challenge you’ll have to face is quitting and never looking back. Our team, at Harmony Ridge Recovery, can help you in your endeavor. Contact us, and come to our Wilderness treatment center for an in-depth clinical assessment today!

Is addiction defined as a disease?

The scientific community classifies addiction as a chronic mental disorder, which triggers compulsive behavior and relapses frequently. The more advanced the illness is, the more severe the effects, as well as the relapse rates. Resorting to willpower alone to break the cycle is almost impossible since the withdrawal is often brutal and even life-threatening.

Patients also have few options for self-help, since self-detoxification carries a multitude of risks, including overdosing, medical complications, and triggering new forms of addiction. For your safety and for ensuring the success of the rehabilitation, we advise you to contact our team immediately! We offer targeted treatment, personalized detox, psychotherapy, and emotional trauma assistance, as well as compassion, respect, and an honest, friendly attitude.

How are drug addicts treated?

The ideal rehabilitation treatment relies on a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes a variety of procedures and therapies, including:

Patient-oriented detox – We use targeted medication to address the withdrawal, reduce the cravings, and stabilize the functioning of the nervous system. The duration of the detox varies from one patient to another, as well as the medication plan, depending on what substance they are addicted to.

Behavioral and experiential therapies – Therapies like CBT or biofeedback are ideal for addressing co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression, along with the mental and emotional consequences of addiction. They will serve as great tools for stabilizing your psychological functioning, preparing you for fast social reintegration.

Recreational therapy and lifestyle adjustments – Our Wilderness treatment center features plenty of recreational activities, including nature walks, meditation, yoga, adventure therapy, etc. They will serve to free your spirit and allow you to connect with those around more every day.

The type of treatment you’ll be joining will also vary depending on the progression of the disease. We offer inpatient/residential care, intensive outpatient program (IOP), and sober living assistance during the transitional phase before complete social independence.

Escaping addiction forever

If you want to quit your addiction and never walk the same path again, you can do it. No matter what you may think right now or what other people tell you, it is in your power to overcome your demons. You only need to show sufficient mental and emotional strength, overcome your denial, and contact us asap. Our team of health experts will take care of you from that point on.

We will work with you towards building a better future for you, your family, and the people you love. Our Wilderness treatment center is just the beginning. At Harmony Ridge Recovery, we envision a bright future for our patients, and we do our best to guide them towards the right path. Have hope, pick up the phone, and write your own destiny!

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