Successful recovery is only possible when the addict admits having a problem and is accepting of help.

At Drug Help Line, we work with you, the family, to help identify exactly what needs to change so that your loved one becomes accountable and willing to accept the help needed.

Many families struggle with how to “fix” or “change” the addict or alcoholic’s thinking and behaviors so that he or she can just stop using whatever substance is behind the dependency. It’s easy to think that if a loved one gets that perfect job or meets that special someone, then things will get better. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Addicts and alcoholics manipulate their family’s emotions in order to make their addiction possible, and they will use people’s love against them. Our Intervention Specialists will help you understand your loved one’s behaviors and help you make the best decision to enable recovery.

How Our Alcohol and Drug Interventions Work

We start with an initial phone consultation that includes as many of the family members as possible to evaluate the situation from multiple viewpoints. This allows us to put together a unique Intervention Plan for your particular situation. The longer you wait, the worse shape your loved one will be in when help is sought. Why wait when you can help now?

Why let Drug Help Line help?

Imagine how difficult it is to make a decision impartially, without letting feelings and love get in the way? That’s why it is imperative to allow us at Drug Help Line to step in and help you and the addict make the right decision. Addicts can’t be expected to make proper decisions regarding health and addiction issues because they are already struggling with the severity of their own problems.

Families also have trouble being impartial because they are too close to their loved ones. Understandably, they allow emotions to become involved.

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