Individuals suffering from chemical dependence sometimes try to cope with their destructive habit on their own. While it is by no means impossible, we at Drug Help Line find that time and again, the most effective way to achieve permanent healing is through a 30 day inpatient treatment assisted by counselors and medical professionals who can help analyze the specific causes of addiction. Entering a 30 day inpatient program that is designed with the resident’s unique needs in mind allows him or her to break free from both the physical and psychological effects of addiction. Drug Help Line works with facilities that treat all kinds of substance addictions. It doesn't matter what or how much has been used; our goal is simply to help another suffering addict. Our preferred treatment centers achieve these results by developing for each patient individualized rehab plans, educational and therapeutic groups, as well as family education and support therapy. By creating a unique treatment program for each of our residents, the treatment centers are able to provide the best possible environment for recovery. Our responsibility, and the end goal of any rehab program, is to provide the patient with the tools and means to achieve – and maintain – sobriety over the long-term.