Achieving sobriety is difficult for one person, but when both partners in a relationship are abusing drugs and alcohol, things become more complicated. Couples with substance abuse problems often have tumultuous relationships. This can cause a vicious cycle that causes both partners to use drugs and alcohol to deal with the stress. To serve the needs of couples with addiction problems, couples substance abuse treatment in West Palm Beach exists. Drug Help Line can help you find a treatment center that offers personalized, comprehensive care for you and your partner. Call us today at 1-800-591-0343 for your free and confidential consultation.

Why is West Palm Beach Couple’s Addiction Treatment Beneficial?

When both partners are committed to sobriety, couples addiction therapy can be effective and save two lives instead of one. Couples can break the cycle of codependency and examine the issues that led to the addiction in the first place. It’s not uncommon for couples with addiction problems to experience issues with setting boundaries, expressing feelings, handling finances, making decisions and parenting. Delray Beach couples rehab provides education, skill building, training and counseling to help couples grow stronger. In a sense, you can tackle two problems in one: the substance abuse and issues within your relationship. The benefits of seeking couples addiction treatment are:
  • Learn to manage specific triggers
  • Help one another stay sober
  • Recognize codependent behavior
  • Discover ways to prevent relapse
  • Improve the health of your relationship
  • Break the cycle of addiction for your children

Effective Treatment Methods for Codependent Couples

Behavioral therapy is most common when treating substance use disorders because it promotes long-term change. This form of therapy helps couples discover new ways of interacting and communicating. The end result is happy, healthy and secure partnerships. Some of the most effective treatment methods used in couples addiction treatment in Delray Beach are:
  • Behavioral couples therapy (BCT). The goal of BCT is to modify behaviors. This is done by making a “recovery contract.” This contract says that you intend to stay sober and support your partner’s recovery, and vice versa. Individual and couples counseling helps achieve these goals.
  • Alcohol behavioral couple therapy (ABCT). This form of therapy is best for couples who are battling alcohol abuse. ABCT is similar to BCT because it promotes abstinence and healthy relationships. Some of the skills learned in this therapy are self-control, problem-solving and improved communication.
  • Medication-assisted treatment. In this treatment, various medications are used to treat the substance abuse and manage withdrawal symptoms. Common medications include methadone and buprenorphine.
  • 12-step meetings. Couples rehabilitation often include 12-step meetings, which are recommended after treatment as well. These support groups encourage healthy relationships that are built on sobriety and support.

Is Couples Treatment Right for You?

If you’re having substance abuse problems in your relationship, now is the time to address them. By putting off your problems, the addiction will grow worse and your relationship can be further damaged. Couples rehab in West Palm Beach can save your life - and your marriage. Here are some of the signs that a couples rehab program may be right for you and your partner.
  • Arguments about substance abuse
  • Neglecting daily responsibilities
  • Covering up for your partner
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Codependent tendencies
  • Avoiding intimacy
  • Domestic violence
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