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Drug Treatment Center West Palm Beach

If you are looking for a drug treatment center in West Palm Beach, then we invite you to consider Daylight Detox & Recovery Center. We offer three areas of addiction treatment primarily - drug and alcohol detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. We accept insurance, and our licensed addiction treatment specialists are some of the best in Florida.

Medical Detox

Some substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, and other hallucinogenics can become psychologically addictive, meaning that the person who abuses these substances may think that they need the drugs to cope or get through the day. On the other hand, some drugs are both psychologically addictive and physically addictive. Alcohol, heroin and many opioids are perfect examples of such drugs.

Although quitting psychologically addictive drugs alone can be difficult, it can be done safely if a person is able to muster up the willpower. However, even if a person is able to muster up the willpower to quit using physically addictive drugs, doing so is ill-advised! The fact is; people can die from withdrawal symptoms when quitting physically addictive drugs cold turkey. This should only be done in a medically-controlled detox environment such as Daylight Detox & Recovery Center.

Inpatient Treatment

After a patient completes medical detox, they will most likely be admitted into rehab. Of course, a person can come from home to inpatient treatment as long as they are not at risk of withdrawal. Inpatient rehab is for people who struggle with drugs and alcohol. The inpatient setting provides individuals with the setting they need to remove themselves from the environment that is causing them to abuse substances or enabling them to do so.

While a person is admitted in our inpatient treatment center, we will provide counseling and other addiction treatment techniques, providing them with the tools and resources they need to hopefully remain sober long after they leave Daylight Detox & Recovery Center.

Outpatient Treatment

After a patient graduates inpatient drug treatment, they will be enrolled in outpatient care in most cases. This allows us to maintain our relationship with them and provide ongoing care rather than throwing them back to the wolves and hoping they survive. Outpatient treatment allows the individual to work their way back into society and maintain some of the structure that helped them to get clean during inpatient treatment.

In cases where a person cannot commit to inpatient treatment due to financial or legal obligations, we can offer outpatient without inpatient treatment. Some people just can't take thirty days out of their lives to get clean, although most can if they try. We always encourage inpatient treatment, but if a person can't do it, then outpatient is an option.

Choose Daylight

Daylight Detox & Recovery Center is a modern, clean, and professional drug treatment center in West Palm Beach. We help people get clean and stay clean. Addiction is a slippery slope - it's a progressive disease that leads to jails, institutions, and death. Think of us as your partner in defeating your disease.

Drug Treatment Center West Palm Beach
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