Opiate Addiction – What is Opiate Addiction?

What is Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is a medical diagnosis that is characterized by an individuals inability to stop using opiates.  This is a powerful statement as most people addicted to opiates feel they suffer from a moral malady that causes most to continue to use. This medical  diagnosis is often caused by an underlying issue or issues that occurred long before the opiates were introduced. The disease of opiate addiction often makes the individual feel like they have a strong desire, or even compulsion to use opiates. People that are suffering from opiate addition usually start off taking small amounts of the "feel good medication", but just like many other medically prescribed drugs, they can be dangerous if not intended for the person taking them, and usually the dosage needs to be increased at some point to feel the desired effect. Opiate addiction has been described by some as being caught in a rip current,and knowing to swim parallel to the shore , but just not being able to without  help. Many of these addicts suffer from depression,anxiety, and lacking a feeling of self worth.

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms 

This disease holds no prejudice when it comes to those suffering from it. Opiate dependence does not discriminate due to the abuser's race, religion, social status, sexuality, gender, or creed.  Opiate addiction kills over 57 million people world wide.  The severity and lethality of opiate addiction is something that cannot be stressed enough. Opiate addiction, and the physical dependency that comes along with it is alarming.  Some withdrawal symptoms can be lethal, including cardiac arrhythmia  dehydration, seizures  and even strokes.  Other opitate withdrawal symptoms include : tremors, cramps, restless-leg syndrome, vomiting  weakness, anxiety, even depression. Those who suffer from this feel as if there is no hope, however the reality is quite the contrary.  Opiate addiction requires long term treatment in a rehabilitation facility. This treatment is necessary to lessen the physical and social consequences those who are addicted must suffer through.  The primary focus of such treatment is to give the addict back their life. Initially addicts feel once off the illicit opiates that there is no hope, however millions of others have been able to overcome this paralyzing disease.  Our focus is to instill the mindset into those who still suffer from this particular dependence that there is hope, and we are more than willing to help get you through the journey. If you or somebody you know is dealing with the addiction above, and are ready to change for the sake of  family, loved ones,  and the friends involved, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 888-972- 6619 . For us this isn’t a business, it’s a calling to help fix lives and help others grow in their journey to recovery!