married couples rehab in West Palm Beach

Is Married Couples Rehab in Orange County Right for You?

When both partners in a relationship abuse drugs and alcohol, married couples rehabs in Orange County become an option. As long as both you and your spouse are committed to getting clean and sober, you can get treatment together. To save money and consolidate treatment, it’s best to work with a facility that has experience treating couples. When both partners recover together, they can provide invaluable support and compassion to one another. Here are a few ways to decide if Orange County couples rehab is right for your family.

Do you and your partner have issues to work out?

It’s common for couples with substance abuse to have other issues going on in the relationship. You may have a history of communication problems, anger issues, infidelity or domestic violence. These problems can complicate your recovery if you don’t work through them. Couples rehabs in Orange County give you the opportunity to work on these issues so that you can grow stronger in your relationship.

Do you need to build commitment and trust?

Drugs and alcohol make people say and do things that they don’t mean. It’s possible that you and your partner have said and done hurtful things in the past. You probably need to build trust and honesty in your relationship, as well as discover ways to show your commitment to each other. By spending time in the safety and support of a couples treatment facility, you can rebuild some of this trust.

Are you prepared to be supportive to each other?

A huge benefit to couples rehabs in Orange County is that you can start working toward your recoveries together immediately. You will have time to work on yourself during treatment, but you’ll also be given time and attention as a couple. Together, you can discuss your goals and the effort you plan to put in. By the time you are ready to return home, you and your partner will be more comfortable navigating your new, sober life together.

Do you need to work on your parenting skills?

Many partners share children together, and it’s possible that your family has been physically or emotionally neglected. Once you are clean and sober, you can be the parent that you want to be. However, you may be starting from scratch with your children. Attending couples rehabs in Orange County gives you access to family support services. You and your spouse can work on your parenting skills and participate in family therapy. At Drug Help Line, we see many couples benefit from seeking treatment at a couples rehab in Orange County. If you are ready to take this step with your significant other, call Drug Help Line today. We can help you find the right couples rehabs in Orange County.