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What Happens in a Heroin Detox Program?

If you or someone you love is addicted to heroin, the first step is to get clean through a heroin detox program in Orange County, CA. For your health and safety, it's advisable to withdrawal from heroin in a medically supervised detox center. This ensures your physical and psychological symptoms are properly managed. Drug Help Line has a number of reputable heroin detox programs in Orange County that can help you or a loved one. Call us today at 800-591-0343 and let us help you find a program that is affordable, practical and accessible.

What Happens in a Heroin Detox Program in Orange County?

One of the biggest fears about getting clean is the withdrawal process. As soon as an opioid wears off, withdrawal symptoms start. These symptoms can be so persistent, they push people to keep using drugs. Since a heroin detox program in Orange County is the first step in recovery, it’s something that can’t be avoided. It can help to know what to expect and how to prepare for this important step in your journey. Here is what you can expect in an Orange County heroin detox program.
  • Initial evaluation. The heroin detox center will evaluate your health. They will ask questions like: How long have you been using heroin? How much heroin do you use daily? Have you ever received treatment? Do you use other drugs and alcohol?
  • Treatment plan. Based on your health and needs, an individualized treatment plan is created. Sometimes, medication like buprenorphine, methadone, suboxone or naltrexone will be added to your treatment plan to manage cravings and symptoms.
  • Post-detox treatment. Detox is only the beginning of recovery. Additional inpatient or outpatient treatment may be recommended, such as counseling, 12-step groups and mental health treatment.

What are the Benefits of a Medically Supervised Detox Program?

Suddenly stopping heroin will bring on severe withdrawal symptoms that can put you in danger. For the best chances for success, a medically monitored heroin detox program in Orange County is a necessity. Many detox programs are part of an inpatient or outpatient program, so you can continue your treatment without lapse. Additionally, many detox centers offer alternative therapies to keep their clients comfortable, such as IV therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. Are you ready to find the right heroin detox program in Orange County? Call Drug Help Line at 800-591-0343 and we’ll work together to find the right fit for you or a loved one.