Finding a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program in New Jersey

Becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol isn’t something anyone sets out to do intentionally. After continual use, the body becomes dependent upon the drugs as well as alcohol. Sadly it does not take long to become addicted beyond the ability to stop—this is especially true for certain people and certain types of substances. Sinking Faster into the abyss of Addiction Some of the harder drugs, like cocaine, crack, and meth are examples of drugs that quickly grab a hold of a person and take them into the dark abyss of addiction. Just as these harder drugs are easier to become addicted to, certain people are more susceptible to developing a dependency due to underlying issues. These issues are most often related to psychiatric obstacles such as:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar and other severe psychiatric disorders
  • Environmental obstacles
As mentioned, no one dives into addiction intentionally. If an addict could foresee and experience the anguish drug use would cause them, it’s likely they would avoid it entirely. Undiagnosed and underlying psychiatric obstacles can lead a person to use drugs to self-medicate. Most often it makes them feel better, even normal for a change, when using drugs compared to how they feel when sober. Addictions that Entail Dual Diagnosis When an addict reaches out to Drug Help Line for help, an evaluation is done immediately. This evaluation helps to determine if there are underlying issues related to an individual’s drug use and addiction. Often the evaluation reveals psychiatric disorders that drive dependency on a substance; therefore a dual diagnosis treatment program is determined necessary. If suffering from a psychiatric obstacle, it becomes important to treat both the obstacle and the addiction. Treating one without the other is likely to lead to a harder struggle or the inability to follow through with a treatment plan. Drug Help Line realizes that just as people react differently to certain substances, they also react differently to treatment approaches. This is why an evaluation helps, it serves to determine the treatment most likely to succeed in a dual diagnostic program.  Each treatment plan is tailored specifically to the individual. A Unique Individualized Treatment Approach is Always Best Whether suffering from a mental obstacle or not, Drug Help Line always uses a personalized method for treating addiction. For over 26 years our staff has studied and mastered the art of treating each person and their addiction with an individualized approach. Though different from the traditional approach, a dual diagnosis treatment program is often the only way for some to recover. Drug Help Line creates specially tailored dual diagnosis treatment program for our patients because we recognize the uniqueness of each individual. The distinctiveness of every human is precious and should always be treasured, and that is why we know how important it is for you or a loved one to get the help needed to overcome addition.  The road to recovery starts here—call us today at 1-800-714-2955.