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How to Find the Best Orange County Rehabs for Couples

Are you ready to face your addiction with one of the best Orange County rehabs? This is one of the hardest decisions to make, and now that it has been made, you are one giant step closer to living a life of sobriety. Imagine how great it will feel to be free from drugs and alcohol. If you have a significant other that will be seeking treatment with you, this is even better. In our experience, it’s very difficult for a person to recover when they return to a partner who continues to use drugs and alcohol. If both you and your significant other are committed to getting clean and healthy, you can create a life that is conducive to sobriety. At Drug Help Line, we work with couples who are looking for the best Orange County rehabs. We have excellent resources that allow us to align California treatment centers to the right people, and we hope to do the same for you. In the meantime, here are a few tips on finding the best addiction treatment centers for couples.

Explore All Options in Orange County 

If this is your first time seeking treatment, you will be surprised by how many options are available. Explore all of them so that you can find the right fit for your circumstances. We realize that not everyone can leave their families for a month or afford luxury treatment. Some clients benefit from an intensive outpatient program that allows them to continue working or going to school. Others need to attend weekly 12-step meetings.

Identify the Resources You Need as a Couple

Addiction is a disease that has similar symptoms, but the underlying reasons are unique to each person. Some people start abusing drugs because of past trauma in their lives. Others self-medicate themselves because they have undiagnosed anxiety or depression. While you cannot formally diagnose yourself or your partner, do take a look at your situation and identify the resources you need to get clean. If you think that an underlying mental health disorder may be present, it’s best to choose a treatment center that specializes in dual diagnosis. If you and your spouse are religious, a faith-based program may be most rewarding.

Choose Rehabs that Have Experience with Couples Treatment

As wonderful as it is to have two people in a committed relationship becoming sober together, there are challenges that this population faces. What happens if one of you relapses? How can you be supportive of each other when going through drug cravings? The best Orange County rehabs for couples have the proper experience working with people in committed relationships. They are not necessarily luxe treatment facilities. We always urge our clients not to confuse luxury for quality. In many cases, higher priced treatment comes from facilities that offer gourmet meals, private rooms, upscale settings, etc. It does not mean that they offer better treatment. In fact, sometimes all of the perks and amenities can be a distraction to a healthy recovery. So, when looking for the best Orange County rehabs for couples, don’t look for price or prestige. Look for experience and results.

Find Programs that Focus on Families

Often times, programs that focus on couples addiction treatment often have a strong focus on family. To support your goals of recovering together, look for treatment programs that incorporate the family unit. For example, some of the best Orange County rehabs for couples have weekly family meetings, guest speakers, educational resources, child support and family therapy sessions. The more programs a rehab center offers for families, the better. Call Drug Help Line today and we will help you find the best California rehabs for couples. We have an extensive network of treatment facilities in Orange County - let us do the research so you can focus on your recovery!