Do Drug Rehabs Have Psychiatrists

Oftentimes when someone has a drug abuse problem they also have some type of mental health problem as well. This means that the best drug rehab centers have at least one psychiatrist on staff. The treatment of both a drug addiction and a mental disease is referred to as dual diagnosis, and is offered by many of the top drug rehabs in the country.

Psychiatric Services When a drug rehab center does provide dual diagnosis treatment they treat people for a variety of problems, including:
  • mood swings that are erratic and unexpected
  • uncontrolled anger and tendencies towards violence
  • the inability to hold down a job
  • the inability to manage money and regular bills
  • being severely anti-social
  • an inability to come up with and communicate thoughts

Drug rehab programs allow medical doctors to work together with psychiatrists to heal people from their addiction. The idea behind this is that simply stopping the drug addiction is not enough; it is also necessary to get to the root of why the person became an addict in the first place.

Depression and Anxiety

Using and abusing drugs can cause both depression and anxiety in many addicts. If there is not a psychiatrist present during the recovery of a drug addict suffering from depression and anxiety they will not become fully healed. There is no guarantee that the anxiety or the depression would necessarily go away when the person beats their drug addiction, which can increase the chances of someone relapsing on their drug of choice.


When an addict needs to go through detox, which most of them do, a psychiatrist is usually a part of the process. This is because detoxing from an illegal drug involves more than just physical changes. There is a mental aspect to detox that is best dealt with by a psychiatrist. Therapy and group counseling sessions run by psychiatrist are also part of the detox and recovery process.

A psychiatrist will analyze the reasons why a person became addicted to an illegal drug. Doing so helps the addict realize and understand what caused their addiction in the first place and how to beat it.

Psychiatrists often prescribe medications to help addicts through their recovery and treat their depression or anxiety. People are often diagnosed with conditions such as bi-polar disorder and sometimes schizophrenia while they are recovering from a drug addiction. This is why drug rehabs employ psychiatrists.


While it is possible that not all drug rehabs have a psychiatrist on staff, the more well-known facilities do. It is important to be able to treat every aspect of a drug addiction while a person is in rehab. This means having a qualified and trained staff in place. Call us today to learn more about all our services.