Benefits of Couples Addiction Treatment

When both partners in a relationship are struggling with substance abuse, it can be difficult to get the proper help. If only one person receives treatment, drugs and alcohol will still be present, raising the risk for relapse. Drugs and alcohol will also continue to exacerbate problems in the relationship, potentially leading to arguments and domestic violence. Fortunately, these challenges can be addressed in the appropriate couples addiction treatment program in Orange County. If you and your significant other are in this situation, or you know a couple that is, read on for more information about the benefits of attending rehab together.

When Couples Treatment Becomes Necessary

It’s not unusual for couples to use drugs and alcohol together. According to the National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center, women who use drugs and alcohol are more than two times likely as men to have a partner that abuses substances as well. Some of the signs that a relationship is struggling due to substance abuse are:
  • The partners only enjoy drinking and using drugs together.
  • Drugs and alcohol are leading to domestic violence.
  • The couple relies on drugs and alcohol to demonstrate affection.
  • The partners neglect responsibilities such as childcare and housework.

Advantages of Attending Rehab Together in Orange County 

When a couple is committed to getting clean and sober, it can be a rewarding journey that leads to a stronger, happier life together. Here are some of the main benefits to seeking couples rehab in Orange County.
  • Lower risk for relapse. When both you and your significant other are working on your recoveries, there is a lower risk for relapse. You can create a home and lifestyle that is free from drugs and alcohol.
  • Someone to attend support groups with. 12-step meetings are more rewarding if you have someone to attend them with. This is something that couples can do together and include as part of a regular routine.
  • Accountability. You are counting on yourself to maintain sobriety, but so is your significant other. Having this accountability can be a motivating factor in making good choices and staying clean and sober.
  • Improve your relationship. It’s not uncommon for addictive couples to have tumultuous relationships. Through counseling, you will learn new ways of interacting and spending time together. This bond will make your relationship stronger.
The tumultuous relationship you may have right now can change. The first step is to get clean and sober through a detox program and then seek counseling in a safe, supportive treatment center. To find a couples addiction treatment center in Orange County that meets your needs, call Drug Help Line today. A new, sober life is within reach.