10 Signs You May Need Help With Your Drug Addiction

10 Signs You May Need Help With Your Drug Addiction

A drug addiction can single-handedly destroy a person's life. It can quickly spiral out of control and leave the addict feeling like he or she cannot cope with daily life without using their drug of choice. Here are 10 signs that someone may need help with their drug addiction:

1. The addict cannot quit on their own. Some do try, but most don't succeed without seeking professional help. Generally when a person tries to quit their addiction without professional help they end up relapsing rather quickly.

2. Lying about one's drug use becomes a recurring problem. The more lies an addict tells to cover up their drug use the worse that it is. 3. The behavior of the addict deteriorates into behavior that is nothing like their character. Many people will do things they never thought they would, simply because they are doing these things under the influence of drugs.

4. The addict begins to lose friends due to their drug use. Many people cannot cope when someone they are friends is trapped in the vicious cycle of life that drug abuse brings forth. Many drug abusers tend to drop their regular friends and befriend people who are also drug users and especially drug dealers. Drug addiction brings fellow addicts together in a way that spells destruction for both parties.

5. Many times people who become addicted to drugs will have drastic changes in their physical appearance. They often lose both weight and hair, and the texture of their skin changes as well. This is due to the damage the drugs are doing to the person's body.

6. They become preoccupied with their drug use to the point where they let their responsibilities slip. They are so distracted by acquiring and doing drugs that they stop caring about anything else.

7. Anyone who says that they feel better when they have taken their drug of choice is in desperate need of help with their drug addiction. Illegal drugs should not make a person feel better about themselves than they do when they do not have the drug in their system.

8. When an addict develops a physical tolerance for the drug they are taking, it leads to increased drug abuse. The more tolerant a person is of a particular drug the worse their addiction to it is.

9. Addicts often isolate themselves from the people in their life so that they can use their drug of choice without interference from any one of those people.

10. If a person has gotten into legal trouble or lost t heir job due to drug abuse, they need help with their drug addiction.

These are the sings someone needs help with drug addiction.