Alcohol Rehab South Florida

Alcohol Rehab in South Florida

If you woke up this morning with yet another hangover, you may have a drinking problem. If you spend much of your time craving, obtaining and using booze, you might want to have a confidential chat with someone about alcohol rehab in South Florida.

On any typical day in America, some 38 million people over-indulge in alcohol. Worldwide, at least one billion people are active over-drinkers. Notably, only around one in six of these drinkers ever talks to a health professional about their problem. Such is the assessment of the University of Wisconsin.

Why alcohol is addictive to some people and not others

Biology and environmental factors contribute to alcohol addiction strong enough to require alcohol rehab in South Florida. Some people seem to be born with a genetic propensity toward addiction. The presence of additional mental disorders also contributes mightily to alcohol and drug addiction as do socioeconomic status and peer influence.

The environment in which a child is raised also has a lot to do with whether or not they grow up to be an alcoholic or drug abuser. Consuming alcohol or drugs at any age can lead to abuse, but the younger a person begins to use, the likelier they are to become dependent. Adolescents who try drink and drugs tend to have undeveloped brain areas that govern decision making and self control, explains the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse

1. Hiding or lying about drinking

Denial is typical of the problem drinker. Persons who drink too much and too often try to cover their behavior or lessen its impact. Nonetheless, problem drinking almost always becomes apparent, sooner or later.

2. Experiencing ‘blackouts’

If you drink so much that you can’t remember what happened while you were intoxicated, this is a big red flag that it’s time to call and talk about alcohol rehab in South Florida or wherever you happen to be.

3. Risky drinking

If you take a drink before going to school or work, it’s a sign of a problem that really should not be ignored. If you haven’t yet wrecked your car, failed a class or lost your job, consider yourself very lucky. Every time you drink in an inappropriate situation, you increase your chances of ruining your life.

4. Relationship problems

No matter how it is concealed, alcoholic drinking patterns can and will strain interpersonal and professional relationships. Do your friends and family members mention your drinking? Are you angry when they do? This is the right time to call for help.

5. Trying (and failing) to quit

If you’ve said you can “quit anytime” but fail to do so, you could have a problem with alcohol. Have you tried again and again to leave the bottle alone, but always go back for more? There is no shame in reaching out and asking for help.

The Drug Help Line is staffed with compassionate people who understand what you are going through. Please call 800.591.0343 right now and ask us anything you want to know about alcohol rehab in South Florida.

Alcohol Rehab South Florida