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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease. Those who suffer from alcoholism are used to drinking every day. When they stop drinking they go through withdrawal. Withdrawal from alcohol through alcohol detox should be done with help from a professional.  The first thing to do is to seek the assistance of a reputable rehabilitation center. You will receive the guidance you need to get through the detoxification process.

What Happens During Alcohol Detox?

When the body is physically dependant on alcohol it goes through a withdrawal period when it no longer receives it. This period of time is known as alcohol detoxification. People suffer from a variety of physical and mental symptoms when they abruptly stop drinking alcohol.

If your body is addicted to alcohol it will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Some of these may begin as soon as 6 hours after not taking a drink. You may begin to feel anxious and your heart rate and blood pressure may rise. You will likely have insomnia and you may be consumed with thoughts of taking a drink. This is one of the most difficult periods of time but you must go through it to conquer your addiction.

Delirium tremens, called DTs, is one of the most common situations that occur when detoxifying from alcohol. DTs include a variety of symptoms such as confusion, uncontrollable shaking and shivering, sweating and irregular heartbeat. Some people hallucinate during this period. This period usually begins several days into detox. It can last for two or three days. For some, this period is worse than for others. In severe cases a person could suffer seizures and a high fever which could lead to death. For this reason it is necessary to go through detox only with help from a trained professional.

Replacing Negative Habits

The physical symptoms are only part of the process that you need to face. You must also learn to keep from wanting alcohol. As with any addiction, the first several days and weeks will be the hardest. You have learned to use alcohol as a crutch in a variety of situations. Now you need to learn how to replace this habit with healthier ones. This process will include a variety of methods that are tailored to your specific needs.

You will learn how to understand your addiction and what to do to overcome feelings that led you to drink in the first place. A healthy lifestyle will give you a foundation to make better choices in the future. Diet and exercise will play a role in your recovery as will therapy. These and other techniques can assist you in getting through this difficult period in your life. You’ll be able to leave behind your old habits and create the life you deserve.

Going through detoxification isn’t easy but it is much more beneficial with help from a qualified specialist. Don’t try to go it alone. With support and compassionate care you will be able to break free of the addiction and move forward in your life. To learn more about alcohol detox visit today.